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WE’VE MOVED :) (but still here! April 2011)


{ April 2011 – WE’RE BACK!!! }

Update: In 2009 this was my blog for showing my pictures of my goodies. In Nov. 2009 I opened my own website ( The purpose of this “moving” post was to notify my followers of my good news then and link them to the new site. Well, I’m glad I never closed this blog simply for this reason…a year and a half later I need it. I’ve had so so so many request to do classes that I’ve decided to use this blog as an interactive tool. I plan to share tips, tricks, how-to’s, recipes, pictures and everything else along the way. Please feel free to ask any questions you many have or leave comments. Be sure to visit our website for more pictures, and also follow us on FB (see button above). I’m only an e-mail away- .



I am happy to announce to my loyal viewers, that Cookies N Cream now has a new website. The new website is more user friendly, and much easier to navigate through the photo galleries. I would love your feedback on the new website, so please be sure to sign the guest book, which is at the bottom of the home page. Thanks for your support.


Click here to enter the new website.

Cookies N Cream


About Cookies & Cream

Britney Harper is a SAHM with 4 children, 2 with whom she homeschools through Pensacola Christian Academy's Abeka curriculum. The children range from age 2 years to 8 years old. Britney is married to the love of her live for over 11 years now. They dated/courted for 4-5 years before they were married, and never kissed until the weekend of the wedding. Love WAITS !!! Britney has a burning desire to teach her children to the best of her abilitly to love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, and she prays one day they will all come to a saving knowledge of him. Also a goal of hers is to teach them to respect and to be kind tothers, no EXCEPTIONS. Britney also loves flowers, working in her flower beds, making cute cookies, making cakes, loving on her babies, and most of all my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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