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{RKT’s + Fondant} Mr. Mallard.

{RKT’s + Fondant} Mr. Mallard.

 My oldest thought this was the coolest cake, being the avid duck hunter he is. Last week I had an order for a “mallard” cake. I started him with a structure some what duck like, out of Rice Krispy Treats. When I make RKT’s for molding, I don’t normally add butter. I only melt marshmallows and add Rice Krispy’s. To keep the mixture from sticking to your hands, lightly rub butter on them. Next, I coated it with a layer of buttercream, simply to hold the fondant on and to add smoothness. Fondant is now applied. Let the sculpting and modeling begin. When it got to the feathering look, I though about the veiner tool I have for making flowers. It was PERFECT for making indentations to look like feathers. It is made by Wilton. I painted the duck with Wilton Gel colors, which is the same colors that I use to tint my icing. Yep, so the duck is still totally edible! Here again, some pics for you.

Here is an up close photo to show the detail on using the veiner to make the feather look.

Now, for the finished product!

( Tip: I made the cattails out of skewers that I attached an oblong piece of gumpaste to, then painted the stick green and the gumpaste brown. The tall grass was made out of gumpaste that I allowed to dry before I placed it on the cake.)


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Britney Harper is a SAHM with 4 children, 2 with whom she homeschools through Pensacola Christian Academy's Abeka curriculum. The children range from age 2 years to 8 years old. Britney is married to the love of her live for over 11 years now. They dated/courted for 4-5 years before they were married, and never kissed until the weekend of the wedding. Love WAITS !!! Britney has a burning desire to teach her children to the best of her abilitly to love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, and she prays one day they will all come to a saving knowledge of him. Also a goal of hers is to teach them to respect and to be kind tothers, no EXCEPTIONS. Britney also loves flowers, working in her flower beds, making cute cookies, making cakes, loving on her babies, and most of all my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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