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{Cookies + Fondant} DIY Candy Shoppe Cookies.


   Well friends and fans, here it is… The step by step pictorial instructions on how to make my “Candy Shoppe” cookies. These cookies have been one the most loved cookies from I came up with this cookie idea sometime last year, and I must admit, I think they are adorable.

I’ve already given the run down (on my FB fan page) on how I  make the cookie part, but here is a recap.

1 bag of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

5 1/3 Tablespoon of butter

1 egg

1 cup of all purpose flour

Mix all ingredients. I often mix by hand, but today I mixed it with my mixer, of which I took pictures.  After I had mixed it, it resembled bread crumbs. I then start bringing the mixture together by hand. I did add about 1/4 cup of water to completely bring it together. Roll, cut and bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

Two MUSTS are parchment paper and a rolling-pin. Yeah, I know I know! My pin is huge…believe me I get kid about it. 🙂

The ball of dough here is the correct consistency you need for cut out cookies.

HELLO cutter! This cutter is the magic behind this cookie. After you see this post, you will look at cookies and cookie cutters totally different, especially when you are decorating them with fondant. (Royal icing = another story!) To me cookie CUTTERS are a TOOL, not just the cutter.

Here is one of the most important tips EVER in baking cut out cookies. NEVER pick up the cut out dough! Parchment paper is what makes this possible.

You simply just “peel” away the excess dough.

Yay! Now they are baked and ready to decorate.  In the past I’ve attached my fondant with different mediums to the cookies. But I’ve recently started adding a thin layer of buttercream to adhere the fondant. It also makes it even more yummy!

Here you will see I’ve gotten my fondant (which I personally make!) already colored. Also I’ve lined them up as to how I want to decorate the cookies (blue center with yellow wrapper, etc.).

To start your candy “roll” , you simply start making a snake-like strip with the fondant. I simply roll it under both hands to achieve this. Pretend like you are in preschool making a snake out of playdoh! Lol. I roll it until I have reached the desired thickness that I want my “candy circle” to be. 

This part is really too simple to be true! I start turning the right end inward. Then turn in and turn in over and over.

The motion like you unscrewing a bottle cap, perfectly describes the way you need to be moving your fingers to get it to roll in properly.

What a sweet swirl, huh! Now, just simply cut off any excess snake you have 😉

 Save the excess, and simply place the “roll” on the cookie.

This next step is where the magic of  a cookie cutter comes ALIVE! Roll out your fondant to desired thickness and use the cutter to cut your “wrapper” part out. Again here, you will  have to cut off any extra fondant. As you see in the pictures you only need the tip ends, that make the wrapper.

If you work with fondant much, you know that anything will make an indention. Here I used just a plain ole’ skewer to make the wrinkles in the wrapper part.

Fun part: now attach the finished wrapper pieces to the sides of the “candy roll” …cuteness GALORE!!!! Remember how I said save your excess cut off fondant? Pretend again like it’s playdoh…just scoop all the cuttings and pieces up and roll into a new ball. See the yellow below? It’s ready to be rolled out again.

How ’bout a purple one?

…or pink

Now to take it to the next level I add edible glitter from CK products. I am really bummed because the glitter doesn’t show its true sparkle in the picture. But it is AMAZING! It totally makes the cookies shimmer. You can purchase the glitter here.

So! What do you think? I would love your feedback!

If you all would like to purchase a this “Candy Shoppe” cookie cutter +  3/4 lb. fondant  ( precolored in 6 colors {primary, pastel or bright pallets to choose from}!), I sell the duo for $20

It’s availble on my website, or by clicking here.

And yes, the fondant I make personally. Note! Not all fondant is created equal in taste!

This fondant is nothing like store-bought. It has a vanilla buttery taffy taste. Believe me, my kids inhale it 😀


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!


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Britney Harper is a SAHM with 4 children, 2 with whom she homeschools through Pensacola Christian Academy's Abeka curriculum. The children range from age 2 years to 8 years old. Britney is married to the love of her live for over 11 years now. They dated/courted for 4-5 years before they were married, and never kissed until the weekend of the wedding. Love WAITS !!! Britney has a burning desire to teach her children to the best of her abilitly to love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, and she prays one day they will all come to a saving knowledge of him. Also a goal of hers is to teach them to respect and to be kind tothers, no EXCEPTIONS. Britney also loves flowers, working in her flower beds, making cute cookies, making cakes, loving on her babies, and most of all my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hi!!! I stumbled across your page on Facebook and I have to say your work is truly inspiring!!! I think it’s great that you post “How To’s” on your blog! I read your about me and I come from a very similiar background. My parents homeschooled two of my sibilings with the Abeka program and we seem to have similar likes (kids, gardening, baking, etc). I’m a first time new mom and new at staying home with my son (I decided to leave my career to be home with him). I like making cakes and cookies but I am so new at it and really don’t know what I am doing. I have tried making my own fondant (the store stuff was nasty) and I am having such a hard time. Can you give me any tips on how to get it to taste better? I would really appreciate it! God Bless!! 🙂

  2. These cookies are beautiful, creative, and fun! I love the colors, it makes me think of all kinds of things that could be done for bridal or baby showers.

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