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{Cookies + Fondant} DIY Ice Cream Cone Cookies


Scream for Ice Cream! 🙂 Are you ready for some more fun? Many of you have requested DIY instructions for my ice cream cone cookies. Well, you got it!

 After you see the pictures and directions, you will NOT believe how easy these are.

As always, first gather all your items you will need. (cut out cookies, rolling-pin, fondant, sprinkles, knife for scoring and trimming, paint brush and water to attach sprinkles) 

If you missed my instructions on making, baking, and cutting out cookies, check it out here.

Ok, let the fun begin….roll out brown fondant. Use the cutter to cut out the “cone.”

Now any knife with a sharp straight (not serrated) edge comes in hand. Simply score lines in one direction then score going in the opposite direction, to create the waffle cone look.

Same as with cone, roll fondant and cut.

Note: When cutting the cone part and ice cream part, be sure to use your knife to trim the piece, so they will fit perfectly together. 

VIOLA! Can you believe how easy and CUTE???

Sprinkles : A MUST HAVE! I’m sucker for sprinkles. Sometimes one mix doesn’t have the look that I want, so I MIX my own. See the three different types here?

Mixed together, they are adorable!

To add sprinkles, you will have to paint a strip of water or piping gel. If they aren’t going to be shipped or handled much before the party or event, attaching the sprinkles with water will be just fine. Piping gel secures them a  little more than water does. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I’ve painted 2 strips of water to attach the sprinkles to. Also, remember that the places you can put the sprinkles are limitless. You could put them only on the edges, bottom, polka dots or stripes of sprinkles etc. To attach them, just simply hold the cookie over in the sprinkles and sprinkle the cookie with sprinkles 😉

How about a scoop of orange sherbet with sprinkles?

…these make me wanna squeal (with delight!)….


About Cookies & Cream

Britney Harper is a SAHM with 4 children, 2 with whom she homeschools through Pensacola Christian Academy's Abeka curriculum. The children range from age 2 years to 8 years old. Britney is married to the love of her live for over 11 years now. They dated/courted for 4-5 years before they were married, and never kissed until the weekend of the wedding. Love WAITS !!! Britney has a burning desire to teach her children to the best of her abilitly to love the Lord Jesus with all their heart, and she prays one day they will all come to a saving knowledge of him. Also a goal of hers is to teach them to respect and to be kind tothers, no EXCEPTIONS. Britney also loves flowers, working in her flower beds, making cute cookies, making cakes, loving on her babies, and most of all my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Oh my goodness, they look so easy…I just might be able to do this!! 🙂


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