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{Recipes} Fondant

Several of you have requested my fondant recipe, so here is the sweet scoop for you. I have made my own fondant for several years now, and this recipe is one that has somewhat evolved. Several years back I was trying lots of fondant recipes many of  which I couldn’t even remember if I had to now, but in the making of many many many batches, I came up with my recipe, and this is how I make it now. I make it now almost without looking and certainly no measuring. Ha! I’m the type person if directions look miles long and extra time consuming, I will not even want to give the recipe a try, so with that said, here is how I make my fondant – plain and simple!

Melt these 4 ingredients:

2 pounds of mini marshmallows

4 Tablespoons of water

4 Tablespoons of Crisco

2 Teaspoons of flavoring (I use butter and vanilla) 

Stir the mixture every 45 – 60 seconds until completely all melted.

Stir in 2 pounds of powdered sugar. Yes, it will be sticky and a mess at this stage.

Pour in an ADDITIONAL 2 pounds of powdered sugar.

NOTE: you will probably not be able to “stir”…you will have to start kneading it just like bread dough to incorporate all the sugar. Also, if the mixture starts getting VERY stiff before all the sugar is mixed in, just stop kneading more in. It obviously has had enough mixed in.

  You know in the movie “NEMO” how Dorie keeps saying, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”….

Well, just keep kneading, just keep kneading 😉

Also this is a little tip that may help you: In times past had my kitchen covered in powdered sugar but NO MORE!

I now use Criso when I am kneading (keeping my hands from sticking) and also when I’m rolling it out.

For best results, let the fondant rest at least 6 hours before using it. It is gets so stiff, just soften it up in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

I love this new clean bowl…haha! ( the bowl it’s mixed in will be a MESS!)



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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing! I was just wondering around how many pounds of fondant this recipe makes?



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