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Memorial Day 2011

What’s on your menu? Something cute or savory? Either way….let us know. We would love your pictures or recipes!

{Recipes} Fondant

Several of you have requested my fondant recipe, so here is the sweet scoop for you. I have made my own fondant for several years now, and this recipe is one that has somewhat evolved. Several years back I was trying lots of fondant recipes many of  which I couldn’t even remember if I had to now, but in the making of many many many batches, I came up with my recipe, and this is how I make it now. I make it now almost without looking and certainly no measuring. Ha! I’m the type person if directions look miles long and extra time consuming, I will not even want to give the recipe a try, so with that said, here is how I make my fondant – plain and simple!

Melt these 4 ingredients:

2 pounds of mini marshmallows

4 Tablespoons of water

4 Tablespoons of Crisco

2 Teaspoons of flavoring (I use butter and vanilla) 

Stir the mixture every 45 – 60 seconds until completely all melted.

Stir in 2 pounds of powdered sugar. Yes, it will be sticky and a mess at this stage.

Pour in an ADDITIONAL 2 pounds of powdered sugar.

NOTE: you will probably not be able to “stir”…you will have to start kneading it just like bread dough to incorporate all the sugar. Also, if the mixture starts getting VERY stiff before all the sugar is mixed in, just stop kneading more in. It obviously has had enough mixed in.

  You know in the movie “NEMO” how Dorie keeps saying, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”….

Well, just keep kneading, just keep kneading 😉

Also this is a little tip that may help you: In times past had my kitchen covered in powdered sugar but NO MORE!

I now use Criso when I am kneading (keeping my hands from sticking) and also when I’m rolling it out.

For best results, let the fondant rest at least 6 hours before using it. It is gets so stiff, just soften it up in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

I love this new clean bowl…haha! ( the bowl it’s mixed in will be a MESS!)


{Cookies + Fondant} DIY Ice Cream Cone Cookies


Scream for Ice Cream! 🙂 Are you ready for some more fun? Many of you have requested DIY instructions for my ice cream cone cookies. Well, you got it!

 After you see the pictures and directions, you will NOT believe how easy these are.

As always, first gather all your items you will need. (cut out cookies, rolling-pin, fondant, sprinkles, knife for scoring and trimming, paint brush and water to attach sprinkles) 

If you missed my instructions on making, baking, and cutting out cookies, check it out here.

Ok, let the fun begin….roll out brown fondant. Use the cutter to cut out the “cone.”

Now any knife with a sharp straight (not serrated) edge comes in hand. Simply score lines in one direction then score going in the opposite direction, to create the waffle cone look.

Same as with cone, roll fondant and cut.

Note: When cutting the cone part and ice cream part, be sure to use your knife to trim the piece, so they will fit perfectly together. 

VIOLA! Can you believe how easy and CUTE???

Sprinkles : A MUST HAVE! I’m sucker for sprinkles. Sometimes one mix doesn’t have the look that I want, so I MIX my own. See the three different types here?

Mixed together, they are adorable!

To add sprinkles, you will have to paint a strip of water or piping gel. If they aren’t going to be shipped or handled much before the party or event, attaching the sprinkles with water will be just fine. Piping gel secures them a  little more than water does. It’s hard to see in the picture, but I’ve painted 2 strips of water to attach the sprinkles to. Also, remember that the places you can put the sprinkles are limitless. You could put them only on the edges, bottom, polka dots or stripes of sprinkles etc. To attach them, just simply hold the cookie over in the sprinkles and sprinkle the cookie with sprinkles 😉

How about a scoop of orange sherbet with sprinkles?

…these make me wanna squeal (with delight!)….

{Cookies + Fondant & Royal Icing} Jammin’ Party!!!

I recently got an order to do star and guitar cookies for a little fella who was turning 6. According to mom, it’s gonna be a jammin’ party. She specifially asked for guitars and stars that said “rock star.”  The silver ones are hand painted with moonstone and luster dust, then “Rock Star” is piped with royal icing. It was a HUGE cookie order…but definitely fun doing something “guyish!”

{Giveaway} Mother’s Day

Remember our giveaway? Are you a “liker” on our Facebook page? Stop by and like us, to stay up to date on giveaways. (FB button above)

Our winner, Katrina Taylor, wanted to design her mom some cookies with pale yellow roses. I loved the idea. I have to admit, I often lean to whimsical/fun themed cookies when designing, which made these a welcome surprise. These were a pleasure to make, their simplicity stole my heart! 

Love the edible lace!

{Cookies + Fondant} DIY Candy Shoppe Cookies.


   Well friends and fans, here it is… The step by step pictorial instructions on how to make my “Candy Shoppe” cookies. These cookies have been one the most loved cookies from I came up with this cookie idea sometime last year, and I must admit, I think they are adorable.

I’ve already given the run down (on my FB fan page) on how I  make the cookie part, but here is a recap.

1 bag of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix

5 1/3 Tablespoon of butter

1 egg

1 cup of all purpose flour

Mix all ingredients. I often mix by hand, but today I mixed it with my mixer, of which I took pictures.  After I had mixed it, it resembled bread crumbs. I then start bringing the mixture together by hand. I did add about 1/4 cup of water to completely bring it together. Roll, cut and bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.

Two MUSTS are parchment paper and a rolling-pin. Yeah, I know I know! My pin is huge…believe me I get kid about it. 🙂

The ball of dough here is the correct consistency you need for cut out cookies.

HELLO cutter! This cutter is the magic behind this cookie. After you see this post, you will look at cookies and cookie cutters totally different, especially when you are decorating them with fondant. (Royal icing = another story!) To me cookie CUTTERS are a TOOL, not just the cutter.

Here is one of the most important tips EVER in baking cut out cookies. NEVER pick up the cut out dough! Parchment paper is what makes this possible.

You simply just “peel” away the excess dough.

Yay! Now they are baked and ready to decorate.  In the past I’ve attached my fondant with different mediums to the cookies. But I’ve recently started adding a thin layer of buttercream to adhere the fondant. It also makes it even more yummy!

Here you will see I’ve gotten my fondant (which I personally make!) already colored. Also I’ve lined them up as to how I want to decorate the cookies (blue center with yellow wrapper, etc.).

To start your candy “roll” , you simply start making a snake-like strip with the fondant. I simply roll it under both hands to achieve this. Pretend like you are in preschool making a snake out of playdoh! Lol. I roll it until I have reached the desired thickness that I want my “candy circle” to be. 

This part is really too simple to be true! I start turning the right end inward. Then turn in and turn in over and over.

The motion like you unscrewing a bottle cap, perfectly describes the way you need to be moving your fingers to get it to roll in properly.

What a sweet swirl, huh! Now, just simply cut off any excess snake you have 😉

 Save the excess, and simply place the “roll” on the cookie.

This next step is where the magic of  a cookie cutter comes ALIVE! Roll out your fondant to desired thickness and use the cutter to cut your “wrapper” part out. Again here, you will  have to cut off any extra fondant. As you see in the pictures you only need the tip ends, that make the wrapper.

If you work with fondant much, you know that anything will make an indention. Here I used just a plain ole’ skewer to make the wrinkles in the wrapper part.

Fun part: now attach the finished wrapper pieces to the sides of the “candy roll” …cuteness GALORE!!!! Remember how I said save your excess cut off fondant? Pretend again like it’s playdoh…just scoop all the cuttings and pieces up and roll into a new ball. See the yellow below? It’s ready to be rolled out again.

How ’bout a purple one?

…or pink

Now to take it to the next level I add edible glitter from CK products. I am really bummed because the glitter doesn’t show its true sparkle in the picture. But it is AMAZING! It totally makes the cookies shimmer. You can purchase the glitter here.

So! What do you think? I would love your feedback!

If you all would like to purchase a this “Candy Shoppe” cookie cutter +  3/4 lb. fondant  ( precolored in 6 colors {primary, pastel or bright pallets to choose from}!), I sell the duo for $20

It’s availble on my website, or by clicking here.

And yes, the fondant I make personally. Note! Not all fondant is created equal in taste!

This fondant is nothing like store-bought. It has a vanilla buttery taffy taste. Believe me, my kids inhale it 😀


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!